Mr. Parkinson visited Weifang University of Science and T

      On April 17th, the President of NBR, Mr. Wu, and the Director of the Language Learning Centre at the University of Saskatchewan, David Parkinson, visited Weifang University of Science and Technology to have a panel discussion with the representatives of International Cooperation and Communication, Faculty of Jia Sixie Agricultural College, Faculty of Automotive Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Tourism. 

       Both of the representatives from University of Saskatchewan and Weifang University of Science and Technology gave a detailed introduction of the advantages of their faculties and disciplines. The two sides also had further communication on the details of cooperative education, college-level promotion,  and short-term exchanges, followed by the signing of the Cooperative agreements (MOU). The two sides will conduct "Fengfeng cooperation" in discussion and operations of subjects and programs, and will have further cooperation and communication in setting up a language centre, mutual visits, the introducing foreign teachers, short-term educational exchanges, and cooperatively-run schools.