NBR and Sea to Sky School District visits Shizhong District


       From May 29th to 30th, with the invitation of the Chinese chief liaison officer and  the NBR International Education, the delegation of Canadian Sea to Sky School District visited Shizhong District.  

       On the morning of the 29th, Shizhong School District held a welcome ceremony at Nan Shangshan Primary School. The leaders of the school district had a panel discussion and signed the cooperative agreements (MOU). Liu Shaohui, the Communist Party secretary, and Gong Chun, the associate secretary of Shizhong School District, attended the meeting.  


The two sides signed the friendly cooperation agreement (MOU). 

        In recent years, the Shizhong District has been promoting education to be opened up and establishing a platform for foreign exchange. Their education ideas are student-centred and are constantly trying to help more students and teachers take part in international communication, open their mind, and innovate ideas. So far, the district has established Sister School Relationships with 42 foreign schools such as the United States, Canada, Britain, France and 10 other countries and regions. The Canadian Sea to Sky School District is located in British Columbia Province and consists of 3 cities: Whistler, Squamish, and Pemberton. It has 10 elementary schools, 1 junior high school and 4 high schools under its jurisdiction.

        Liu Shaohui introduced the general situation of the capital city Jinan and Shizhong District to the delegates. Ms. Bartlett, the Deputy Director of Canadian Sea to Sky School District introduced the development of local education. The two sides had a friendly discussion to establish a friendly cooperative mechanism, promoting exchange visits of teachers and students while furthering their collaborative mechanism and process. The two sides reached a consensus and signed the friendly cooperative agreements (MOU) during the panel discussion. They hope to propel the communication between Shizhong District and Sea to Sky School District to increase the breadth and depth for better promotion of the level in International education communication. 


        During the visit, the delegates visited a total of seven middle schools and elementary schools including No.14 Middle School, Yucai Middle School, Nan Shangjie Primary School, Minshengdajie Primary School, Huicheng Primary School, YuXian Kindergarten, and Shun Yuan Kindergarten. They walked into the diversified functional classroom and watched the performances enriched in Chinese cultural characteristic such as Kung Fu Fan, martial arts, calligraphy, masks, paper-cutting, tea art, chess culture, and zither and interacted with them. The beautiful school environment, friendly teachers and students, and the charming Chinese traditional culture impressed them a lot.  

 Visited Nan Shangjie Primary School

 Visited Minshengdajie Primary School


Visited  No.14 Middle School


Visit  to  YuXian Kindergarten


Visited Shun Yuan Kindergarten


Visited Huicheng Primary School

      The cultural communication in Jinan was initiated by Summit Wu, the Director of the Chinese chief liaison officer and the President of NBR International Education. The establishment of a friendly cooperative mechanism between Sea to Sky School District and Shizhong District will positively propel the development of school cooperation, teachers’ profession, and the understanding of different cultural communication.