Foreign Teachers Services

Shandong can deliver on the demand of foreign teachers who come to domestic schools from native English-speaking countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and those with the common international lan

Teachers’Training and Visits

In order to meet the challenge of the globalization of education and to improve the quality of education, with the help of their overseas education resources, Shandong International Education Science and Education co., LT

Cooperation in Joint Programs

1.Academic course cooperation 2.Introduction of some specialized courses

Domestic and Overseas Study Tours

Activities should accomplish great foresight and effective studying while being purposeful, active, and vivid to avoid the "only travel don’t learn" or "don’t travel just learn" phenomenon.

Study Abroad Service

Shandong NBR International Education Ltd. uses a professional team to tailor a study plan for students, providing study abroad applications, visas, ground services, consultations, post-graduation work arrangements, and im